Blue Minerva

This is my first blog; I’ve meant to do this for ages. I have facebook for communicating with friends, but sometimes I wish I could address a broader audience when it comes to all things socio-political. I make no claim to be an expert on any of this, but I’m willing to put my opinions out there, and willing to be corrected where I’m wrong. Try to find a deal like that anywhere else on the internet!

Blue Minerva: Blue for my left-leaning politics; Minerva for the Roman goddess of wisdom. I generally prefer the Greek iterations of the gods, but I’m not fool enough to compare myself to Athena. Minerva sounds slightly less hubristic, and recalls my favorite Hogwarts teacher. Double bonus. People say that choosing a name for your blog is the hardest part… I’m really hoping that’s true, because it stymied me for a couple of months. Nothing will ever be perfect, this blog least of all. But it has a name, at last.

1 thought on “Blue Minerva

  1. It’s absolutely perfect – the name suits you. Great name, can’t wait to read more!

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