“You have to look a man in the eye…”

Very very briefly: I love everything about this clip. I love that Romney never conceived of the notion that the Vietnam Vet in flannel might be gay. (I almost wish he weren’t, because the Republicans’ hateful identity politics are all based on the false notion that people who aren’t members of a group don’t care about that group’s rights.) I love how transparent Romney’s bootlicking “Thank you for your service” is. I love that the gentleman asking the question specifically noted that he had got to look Romney in the eye, and that he was struck by how little he cared. And love the moment where Romney notes that they are the same age. They have clearly led very VERY different lives, and yet I don’t think it ever occurred to Romney that there, but for the grace of God, goes he… (One of these days, I’ll post at length about empathy and the Republicans; this is not that day)….

Your Thoughts?

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